Myths about wedding bands

A wedding band is a symbol of love and commitment to the significant other. When someone puts it on the left finger in public, it signifies that they are taken and off the market. The band itself is a circle symbolizing the eternal love two people will share in a lifetime. Like a circle the rings’ shape, it has no end. Mens Wedding Bands has been used for four thousand years. Thus there are myths associated with wedding bands that we will discuss and bust them.

Gold is the only Metal to be used to Avoid a Spell in the Marriage.

Gold is widely used to make wedding bands. It is shiny and glitters. It is a sign of opulence and high class. Thus most couples prefer a gold ring. Also, a myth runs through that when a couple weds without a gold ring the marriage will fail. That’s untrue cause a lot of marriages have succeeded by sharing silver or iron rings. A couple should choose a wedding ring within their budget. The myth of a gold ring should not pressure them leads to a successful marriage.

The Bigger, the Better


Something large draws colossal attention and interest towards it. A large gem or diamond on a wedding ring resonates with its price. The larger the gem the pricey it is. Though, is bigger the better?  That myth is a lie. The size can not quantify the importance of a ring. The recipient of the ring is the person who should decide what suits them. A ring is not about a show-off or attracting attention to a person. It is to show the person is committed to their marriage.

Bad Luck when you Shop for a Ring on a Friday

For a while, it is believed that shopping for a ring on a Friday will cast an evil spell to the new marriage. Such kind of belief can bring fear to couples. Fridays are one the best days to shop. They are at the end of the week, and most jewel shops are not crowded like on weekends.  Considering marriages have both high and low moments. The bad moments cannot be blamed on a wedding band being shopped on Friday. Moreover, marriages have failed, and the wedding ring was not bought on a Friday.

Trading Up is Bad Luck


When buying a wedding band, a couple might not be in an excellent financial position. They will buy a wedding band that is within the range of their budget. Later, after having earned some right amount of money they might buy a better ring.   There is a myth that trading a ring will bring failure to the marriage. Even removing the wedding ring might weaken the protection from evil spirits. Which is untrue cause people should do what they want with the rings and rejoice for their union.

More than One Type of Stone Brings Trouble

That’s a superstition that discourages people from buying wedding bands with different stones. Someone should buy a wedding band that suits their taste and lifestyle regardless of a myth.

5 Best Mobile Coupon Apps for 2019

Extreme couponing really helps in saving lots of cash. However, the process of collecting these coupon points can drain your energy and take time. It gets worse when you have to collect the coupons in the old fashion way. This is where you buy newspapers and cut inserts or search for them online and print. That sounds like a lot of work, don’t you think so?

People with full-time jobs or kids ideally do not have that time to browse the internet, print out the inserts and organize them. This is that time we introduce the best mobile coupon apps that provide a lot of coupons and big offers like Kohl’s 30 percent off.

These apps allow you to upload coupons, clip and scan them directly on your mobile. All this makes the process highly efficient, easy and quick.

Since there are lots of great apps, we will not number these apps from 1-6. Rather we will concentrate on the top apps for different groups.

Best Couponing App For Grocery – Ibotta

Ibotta app has grown tremendously since its launch. It is the best couponing app for saving money on groceries. Your phone is not complete without this app. Interestingly, Ibotta functions like a rebate. Once you install the app, you can now open it and choose the items you want to buy at the grocery store. After buying you can take a quality photo of your receipt – and you are done! The process is as simple and smooth as that.

Top Couponing App for General Retail Shopping – Retale

Retale is a coupon app for almost every retail store out there. The app will help you save money whenever you make a purchase from different stores. A bonus for the app is that they will allow you to view the weekly ads of major retailers. The Retale app consists of:

  • Search for nearby deals
  • Shopping lists
  • Easy swipe for weekly coupons and ads
  • Opening times and closing, as well as address details of your preferred locations
  • Notifications for latest specials, sales, money saving deals and discounts at your preferred stores

Best Mobile App For Local Retail Shopping – Yowza

Despite its funny name, Yowza allows retailers to upload coupons and offers directly to the app. This helps in attracting customers into their specific stores. There are thousands of apps that support national retailers. However, Yowza is different because it focuses on local retailers.

Best Mobile App For Every Window Shopper – Shopkick

Most people go window shopping before settling on a certain product. The good news is that you can now earn points for just going in and out of a store. All you have to do is to get the Shopkick app.

Basically, the mobile app is a reward program that focuses on every avid window shopper. Besides earning points, the app also provides details about the best deals around.

Best Coupon App For Individual Store – Target Cartwheel

Target has the top deals for saving money. To spice things up, they provide a 5% discount if you use the Target debit card. Now they have this Cartwheel mobile app.

The app searches coupons for you as you shop in a store. It actually points out any new deal for that week. You can even use the app to check the price for different items. Simply put, Cartwheel is a truly powerful mobile app for every Target buyer.


You can find all these mobile apps in your Apple app store or Google Play store. There are also other apps you can try out to see which one suits your needs. The major goal here is to select the one that helps you save money using coupons.